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JP Magazine
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Publisher: Primedia Magazines, Inc.
Number of issues: 6 issues per year
Subscription Price: $15 per year

Description: JP Magazine is the only magazine that focuses only on Jeeps. They cover old full size Jeeps, CJ's, YJ's, TJ's, Libertys, Cherokees, Grand Cherokees and more. They occassionally even cover military Jeeps. We've seen them cover lockers, cheap fixes, trail fix how-tos and mods for everyday as well as extreme Jeeps. For $15 per year, you can't go wrong subscribing. It's about $4 an issue in the stores though so save money and subscribe.

JP Magazine is a magazine we'll probably always subscribe to just because it's Jeep related.

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JP Magazine
The only magazine devoted exclusively to Jeeps.

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